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Summer is far from over, and already I’m dreaming of winter. I’m thinking about moving to a new ski town, a place where I can cut my teeth on pitches greater than 45 degrees. I’m riding bikes and running, not because it’s fun — it is — but to get my legs and lungs ready for big ups and big downs. I’m smelling the night breeze, looking for frost in the morning, and reading Powder magazine.

Writer Ryan Dunfee recently wrote a piece about leaving the snow and mountains of the west and moving back east for a woman. Right in the middle of the essay Dunfee mentions the “only piece of life advice that I’ve ever felt was important to follow…” After reading it, I thought he’s on to something. Maybe you’ll think so, too.

Here it is.

Write down where you want to be in five, 10, and 20 years. Start with what kind of place you want to be in, what you want your weekends to be like, what kind of flexibility you think you’d need in your life, and what kind of activities, both in work and outside, you can’t see yourself not doing.


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