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There are a couple new personal and professional projects in the works, and we’ve been messing around with video a bit. This short piece came from a morning on the river. What do you think? Are you a fan of video storytelling? Audio? Still photos? Just words?

BearThis guy wandered through the neighborhood two nights ago. I saw him through the window as I sat piecing fabric together. When I went outside for a closer look he turned and ran. Why do they call them black?


Unsettled weather and rapid freeze thaw cycles have resulted in breakable crust and punchy conditions making the actual skiing a challenge. It says something when the up is better than the down.





We skinned to the top of Mt Emmons last week. It was a great day. All photos by Mike Eaton

Skier: Mike Eaton Photographer: Fred Sproat

It’s been high pressure for the last week. No new snow, but still plenty of turns to be found. Here Mike reaps the rewards of the skin. Photo by Fred Sproat.

Winter sports conditioning class started this week. Tuesday was core, box jumps and balance work. Last night 40 minutes of “Low intensity, high volume cardio!” followed by another 50 minutes of partnered band work and medicine ball exercises.

This morning snow blanketed the hills and every sore muscle was suddenly a promise of winter, a reminder of what is to come. In this new place it’s both strange and familiar all at once.

Here’s to  remembering the past, and dancing toward the future.

Crested Butte, CO, does not have home mail delivery service. Rather, everyone in town has a PO box that they can check as often, or as rarely, as it suits them. Perhaps related, the postal employees seem to be a pretty laid back, happy bunch. Their relaxed vibe became even more apparent when I found the sticker below plastered onto the old steel refrigerator at the RMBL cabin.


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