Spring is great. Glopping is not. Drying climbing skins on the ski in to the Hemlock Butte Shelter in Diamond Peak Wilderness.

My Spidey-sense says, winter is winding down. It says, the storms that have pummeled us the last few days are some of the last we’ll see before next October. It says, it’s time to start taking advantage of longer days by skiing volcanoes, running trails, and riding bikes.

Winter has always been my favorite season. (Spring and summer are right there next to it. Fall is just awesome — all those crisp nights and anticipation.) And while this winter fell a bit short of what I hoped it would be, it was still brilliant and filled with new experiences and adventures that feed my stoke for next year.

What about you? How was your winter? Did you ski enough, play enough, get out there enough? Are you amped up for spring, big days and funny tan lines, or are you ready to migrate to the southern hemisphere in hopes that they’ll get what we never quite got?

Are you planning to ride your bike everyday for 30 days next month, run a new trail race to kick off the season, or take a wilderness float down a wild and scenic river?

Me, I’m hoping for a little of everything, and a lot of some things. Spring is coming and it’s going to be great!