A few inches over night. An early wake up. Strong winds. Coming down hard. Breaking trail. Putting in track. Meandering routes. Underfoot, cracking. Little whomps. Blue ice + steep slope + strong gust + poor planning  = Woops. A starfish imitation. Internal monologue: “Huh, still sliding.” “Too bad I’m a mammal.” “How the heck am I going to get out of this?” “Maybe if you’d stop laughing…” “Friction is your friend!” Dripping snot. Numb fingers. Shake ’em out. Front side option. Peeled skins. Big grins. Powder turns. Rhythm sections. Low hanging branches. Duck. Small ollies through snow shoe chunder. “Howdy” in the trees. New friends. More laps.

It snowed today. It was awesome!