I’m doing a bit of outdoor writing for The Source Weekly in Bend. The beginning of this week’s column:

The Tug is the Drug.

This bit of steelheading gospel is plastered on the rear bumper of the Ford Ranger hell-bent on passing every car driving less than 75 mph on Hwy. 97 between Bend and Maupin. Through the canopy’s dust-covered back window, just visible in the grey light, is a rod holder filled with thick-barreled, cork-handled seven and eight weight rods that are half-broken-down to accommodate their length. Mounds of waders and insulating layers peak above the tailgate. In the cab, two grizzled faces—with eyes looking not at the road, but at the rapidly lightening sky—hover over coffee cups. It’s 24 degrees outside, early winter, and a steelhead mission is in the making.

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