All morning the weather has gone back and forth between snow flurries and freezing rain. Now it seems to have settled with snow, and brown ground is rapidly turning white. Just like that it’s early winter.

Took a trip to Les Schwab’s to have the studs put on. Most of town decided to run the same errand. A seven hour wait. Going back in the morning, early, to try to get them changed over before a drive up to Hood River for an artist interview at noon. In town anyway, I bought new trail shoes to replace the old which are getting into the 500 miles range. Today’s run left Em with bits of ice stuck on ears and numb toes for me. In getting fitted, a discussion on injuries ensued. Of the four people in the shop, three had torn an ACL at least once. Rob, one of the shop guys was cradling a couple cracked ribs. Mountain biking. They put me on a treadmill. My strides still off, and somedays I wonder if any of us ever fully recover from big injuries.

New article out in TrailRunner. I reread it while waiting, something I don’t usually do. Once a piece is in print it’s gone.  I think it turned out ok. I hope so. Working on a column this afternoon, travel tomorrow, writing this weekend, travel Monday.

Look at that big blob up in the left corner of the infrared. Hanging out and building up above AK. It’s coming.