I have edits to get done on two very different pieces and I need to get started on a long-form project. The edits are relatively straight forward, and I hope to have them turned within a few hours, but the project has me daunted. My inherent tendencies toward procrastination aside, I think it’s stemming in part from not yet knowing what the story is. I have the idea, but not the narrative thread. I know I need to do more research, interviewing, listening, observing. The story is there, I just have to find it. I know that. Yet, I’m still feeling like I need to get something down now. Beginnings are the hardest. And middles. And ends. I’m afraid of my work. As if the page will jump out and bite me.

Anne Lamott said perfectionism is the death of creativity. I would bet worrying that you’re computer will attack if you say it wrong is tied up in there somewhere.