Lauren Parker and Claire Rogan. McKenzie River, Oregon.

My favorite creek is sick. Probably dying. The fish in it sure are. A new phase of an old irrigation project has resulted in declines in flow greater than 50% in the last two weeks. Bad news when it’s the end of September and there isn’t much in the channel to begin.

Walking the banks, I don’t have the heart to cast and I think I should be carrying a bucket rather than a rod so that I might perform random acts of relocation for the frantic trout darting across the shallows.

At the construction site where once the creek tumbled over an old spill way, a black pipe projects. Bulldozers, wire binding, a half-full teal-blue five-gallon bucket of hydraulic fluid with the lid off, fast food wrappers, and one rubber coated work glove have replaced the thickets of alder and Ponderosa saplings that a month ago shaded the banks and cooled the water.

I’m not a Hayduke, but today I believe I may be a Bonnie.

*Bonnie Abbzug is the female protagonist in Edward Abbey’s, The Monkeywrench Gang.” She was known for riding her bicycle long distances through the desert and dismantling bulldozers.